Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Robin Hood 2 Movie - Robin Hood Sequel

Director Ridley Scott revealed to the Times Online that the first Robin Hood movie is actually an origin story. So we could well expect a movie sequel to Robin Hood if the first opus is a success. Here's an excerpt of the interview in which Ridley Scott is hinting at a possible Robin Hood 2 movie:

"It is the beginnings of how the man becomes known as Robin the Hood. You don’t really get that until the last few minutes. When you realize that ‘Ah, this is who he is’.
Let’s say we might presume there’s a sequel.
Honestly, I thought why not have the potential for a sequel, particularly if it is a genre that you absolutely love and has never been fully explored? If there were to be a sequel to Robin Hood, you would have a constant enemy throughout, King John, and you would follow his reign of 17 years, and the signing of Magna Carta could be Robin’s final act."
Director Ridley Scott

Haven't seen the first film yet, but I definitely dig Ridley Scott's realistic and gritty take on Robin Hood:

So I'd be quite glad if the studios decide to greenlight a sequel to Robin Hood.

What do you think about this possible sequel? Would you like to watch Robin Hood 2?